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  • Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a PR in Australia

As a Permanent Resident of Australia, you are allowed to live in Australia indefinitely. You can enjoy the unlimited facilities of travelling. In the beginning, the permanent visa is for five years and once this visa duration gets finished you need to apply again for PR Visa.

•On getting Permanent citizenship you delight in the freedom to track the course of the field of your choice. Permanent Residents have plenty of choices in every field especially when it comes to the selection of their courses. The prominent benefit which is availed by the permanent residents of Australia is Student Loan. These loans are really helpful to overcome the financial crisis that may arise due to the extra expenses regarding your studies.

•Another major aspect of permanent residency is regarding work permit. It’s easy to work with a working permit in Australia, the Australian Residents/Permanent Residents enjoy the feasibility to work for anyone in any field without any restrictions.

•If we talk about social security, so the permanent residents must complete the period of two years before receiving the basic benefits such as sickness, joblessness and the other benefits which come under the Australian Laws of Citizens.

•The major problem of expense for every human being is mainly the Medical Expense/Health Care Facility, which can be easily availed by the Australian Citizen under the privileged of Health Insurance Scheme.

•A family is the most important part of everyone’s life, Permanent Residents of Australia can easily sponsor their relatives for the acquirement of permanent residence.

•The children of Australian Residents/citizenship holder are automatically awarded Australian Citizenship.

•The Australian Citizens are allowed to take up any profession, regardless of its private or Government sector.

•The Permanent Resident of Australia has the right to apply for Australian consular assistance overseas when things get a little hard abroad.

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