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AINiT welcomes capable and resourceful agents to join us and expand our network throughout the globe with regards to providing professional and accurate advice to clients related to immigration and study abroad. This is an opportunity for existing study abroad consultants, travel agents or entrepreneurs who want to be associated with a licensed migration agent for immigration services or represent AINiT’s partner universities for study abroad services in their respective regions.

With the increasing demand of international studies, the need for a professional study abroad consultant having partnerships with top ranking international universities along with complete knowledge about international studies has also increased. AINiT with its years of experience and through its network has mastered the art of professional study abroad consultancy with a strong team of counselors who can guide you with course selection, admission and visa application process of your client.

Apart from that, our team of trained immigration consultants can help you in accurate and timely assistance with selection of the most suitable visa category and application process on a case by case basis.

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