Nadeem Shahnshahi - Migrate to Australia

I am really thankful to AINiT Immigration Services for processing my case and helping me out at each and every step of my immigration process. The AINiT team working under the guidance and supervision of the CEO, Mr Aftab Syed are true and caring professionals. At AINiT, it is not  about Visa Grant only in fact,  unlike other consultants Mr Aftab Syed helped me and family settling down in Australia and just because of such care and support we respect him highly and will remain grateful to him. I highly recommend AINiT to ones who are planning to migrate to Australia.

Ali Hussain - Migrate to Australia

I have always wanted to migrate to Australia, the land of opportunity and prosperity but whenever I tried to do so I found the process really difficult which created doubts in my mind whether to apply myself or get professional help. This is when I came across an advertisement in the newspaper of AINiT immigration services. The contents of the advertisement motivated me to contact AINiT and discuss my chances of immigration with their consultants. So I went to AINiT’s office, where I was attended by a consultant who assessed my case and told me that I am eligible to become an Australian immigrant. I felt that I should go for it and later the decision of taking an expert help instead of applying myself was proven right.

Saeed Ahmed - Australia Immigration

Selecting a consultant for immigration is a tricky business as one finds many consultants in the market and many of those either lack transparency and not ethical or they are simply incompetent. But this does not mean that morally responsible and professionally capable consultants are not there, you only need to find them. Like in my case, before registering at AINiT I went to couple of consultants but somehow I could not get satisfied, then when I came to AINiT, instantly, a noted a mark difference in approach and dealings and that is when I decided to be their client. Today I have successfully migrated and settled down to Australia, thanks to the right selection of migration agent.

Muhammad Javed - Australia – Visa 457

I came to know AINiT when one of my close friends acquired their services and successfully migrated to Australia. This gave me the confidence to approach AINiT for family immigration and since the day I registered till the day my visa grant I never regretted my decision. I am very thankful for the care and professionalism I have experienced at AINiT which made my immigration to Australia dream a reality.

Junaid Siddiqui - Australia Immigration

“We are happy with their consultancy services, their service was great over all and their staff were very co-operative. We would specially like to thank Mr. Aftab Syed as well as the whole Ainit staff. I would highly recommend them to my friends and relatives.”

Mubashar Ali – Visa Grant (Canada)

Million Thanks Areeba & AINIT,

I was fortunate enough that I opted for AINiT as my consultant for Immigration to Canada and later on must say that luck enough to have you as my case officer. You not only guided me the procedure through out so well but also encourage most of the time to complete bit lengthy documentation phase. I must say that your consulting services with the relevant knowledge are of highly rated and also your people management is beyond imagination and of course reflect professionalism.

I must say that you are the valuable assets and shining star of AINIT.

Good luck for your future endeavors.

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