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  • Why Should You Always Consult With a Australian Registered Migration Agent for Your Visa Application?

Some facts about the migration agent in Australia that you should know:

1) A registered migration agent should have a 7 digit MARN number which usually starts with 0.
2) The registration of migration agents can be checked through the website:https://www.mara.gov.au/search-the-register-of-migration-agents/
3) Migration Agents are legally responsible for the advice they provide. For this reason, a lot of agents will refuse to answer few questions over the phone as there is such a high risk of providing incorrect advice.
4) Migration agents are not allowed to provide any false promises, for the outcome of the visa.

Why should you choose a registered migration agent?
Choosing a registered migration agent means peace of mind, as the person knows that he will be dealing with a professional. As well as take the stress out of the visa processing and presenting the case in the best possible way. Migrating to Australia can be difficult, and a Registered Migration Agent in Australia can assist you with finding out which pathway suits you best. There are many options for different visa subclasses, which can be extremely hard to navigate. These Agents can explain and professionally guide you in choosing the right visa subclass for you.

A Migration Agent can consult the person with the immigration process and guide him/her with the right process whether the application will succeed or not.

It’s an offense in Australia if the Migration Agents are not registered by OMARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority). And it is illegal to give migration advice if you are not registered. They are bound by a Code of conduct to ensure professional and fair service.

In order to save yourself from fraud agents and poor advice, while choosing the right Migration Agent in Australia, always check for their registration number which is published on the OMARA website.

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