Regional Employer Sponsored 494 Visa


Under this visa, a regional employer can sponsor a skilled individual for the position where they cannot find any Australian. This has further three categories:

  1. Employer Sponsored Stream
  2. Labor agreement stream
  3. Subsequent entrant

1- Short-term stream

This allows employers to nominate skilled labor, if they cannot find any matching skill in regional Australia. It allows worker to stay in Australia up to 5 years.

2- Labor agreement stream

Under labor agreement, employer can nominate skilled labor to live and work in regional Australia for up to 5 years.

3- Subsequent entrant

This is for member of Skilled 494 visa holders. It allows to stay in Australia for 5 years.

Don’t forget to check your eligibility if you are interested as the assessment is absolutely free of cost. Please fill out the assessment form and one of our Australian Registered Migration Agents will get back to you at the earliest.

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