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Studying in Canada after the completion of their studies is a wish if every International Student who is studying abroad. Canada is giving a different chance to the newcomers in Canada that if they have completed their studies or they are enrolled in their last year program, then they have a chance to explore Canada and stay legally in the country without restrictions. Mainly there are three ways to stay in Canada legally.

Employer-specific work permit, Open work permit, Direct Permanent Residence.

Employer-specific work permit:
With the help of this option, it becomes easy to find the employer in Canada, and ultimately the applier becomes eligible to apply for its permanent residency. By getting the specific permit you are no more an International Student in Canada and become eligible enough to apply for your permanent residency in Canada.

Open Work Permit:
The open work permit allows an individual to work for the eligible employer, the open work permit allows you to work for the eligible employer anywhere in Canada till the most validity level. Switching up the jobs is easy and your status won’t bound you to your position.

Direct Permanent Residence:
The international students can easily apply for Canadian permanent residency without having work experience through the programs mentioned below:

Quebec experience class: If you have completed your studies in the state of Quebec you are eligible enough to apply for Quebec experience residence.

Provincial Nomination Program: The individual state of Canada operates its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) it’s a pathway for immigration streaming. Successful PNP applicants are selected through nomination from the province they applied for, and through this selection, they can apply for permanent residency.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: This program was initiated in 2017, to grow the Atlantic region of the world. Through this channel international graduates from the specific state can apply for permanent residency if they have the relevant job offer from an authentic employer.

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