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  • 5 Challenges International Students Face & How to Overcome Them

It is still outstripped and mostly in the minority factor, or they may find it difficult to get adjusted to the Australian culture and their specific atmosphere, though it is difficult to get a student visa for Australia the fields in which the students can explore as much as they can are available in abundance.

Whether social, academic or emotional, there are several matters that may affect an international student but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to overcome these problems.

Following are some of the major difficulties/problems which an International Student may face.

Language Difficulties/Barriers.
The language problem is the basic and a casual problem for International Students the ts to face on as the English Language is not the Homeland language of every International Student. It may cause difficulty not only in understanding common lectures but even in participating in normal or casual talk with other colleagues/friends.

The universities in Australia supports a lot to the students who are having the language barrier issue with them by introducing different language support programs and setting up the counseling sessions with local community group present in the universities to help such students.

Making Friends/Social Networks.
The very first day of university/college is full of nervousness for every student. It will feel you a lot that you are not similar to them and the differentiation factor between the local students and you may get high lighten. Try to initiate first by yourself and show your calm gesture to the other students, they may find it worthwhile and full of generous gesture. Join sports clubs, student’s social and other different platforms to get socialize with the local students.

Different Cultural Norms.
All the cultures are different from each other and getting adjusted in any different culture could be a little bit difficult, The language or word differentiation is mostly tending for newcomers, they may find it difficult to understand the language initially. The different norms such as shaking hands, hugs while meeting are the common norms in Australia, the International Students or newcomers to Australia may find it weird or senseless so it is good to do a thorough research before mingling up with the locals so that their different cultural aspects may not astonish you.

Missing up your home while saying far away is a natural thought, and especially when that place is totally opposite to your usual culture and atmosphere. Many students move to International countries with their families but still, it is difficult for them to adjust themselves to that specific environment. The students from International Community who are studying abroad face many difficulties in which the top of the list is getting the study visa for Australia.

Keeping Up:
Even after you’ve oppressed all the social aspects related to moving overseas, there is the academic side of things. It can be easy to fall behind, especially if you have abundantly going on outside of the classroom. Help is available in various layouts, ranging from additional tutoring and study groups to managing your time outside of university more capable. If this doesn’t seem to be working, speak with your lecturer or tutor about how best to proceed.

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