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How to get a Visa Extension in Australia

In order for one to get their visa extended, the person will have to provide a good reason to stay longer in Australia, also show a good financial status to support themselves during that time period. But there can be situations where the candidate will have to leave Australia and re-apply from their home country again. It’s always better to get the visa extension before your old visa expires because over staying a Visa is a serious offence in Australia and can lead to hefty fines or deportation. So to avoid such issues, the best way to go is to contact AINiT Consultancy Services, explain your situation, and have your problems sorted out through professional guidance and help.

Student Visa Extension

International students must get their student visa extended before the visa expires. We would advise you to apply at least 6 to 8 weeks before the visa expires in order to avoid any problems in the long run. You can renew your visa if you were not able to finish your course on time, if you submitted your research thesis or if you have started a new course. You can seek out help through our Qualified Education Agent Counselor & Australian Registered Migration Agent.

There is one thing you don’t want to do, stay illegally in Australia. So, if you are worried about your visa situation and if you are looking for the best people to consult with then we can help you out by legally staying in Australia.

Before you apply for student visa renewal, you will need to gather all your important documents which includes Confirmation of Enrolment letter (CoE) from the institute where you will be completing your further studies, must show proof of financial support, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) that will cover you until your visa expires, passport & a statement to satisfy the Genuine Temporary Entrant criteria.

The visa renewal process can be a bit difficult and confusing at times, organizations like AINiT offers free advice for students and help you choose a course that suits your needs, assist with health insurance requirements etc.

Flexible Classes

International students can have the option to fit their study according to their schedule, we can help you in a way that the study timetable suits your needs and circumstances.

For people who are working full time and having difficulty balancing their work & study life can have the option to study part time as there are many courses available, which suits their timetable. Which also means less studying hours and few subjects per semester.

To ensure your work commitment is not affected, some courses are taught over weekends and evenings per month. In order to accelerate your course, you can also have the option to attend classes over the winter and summer breaks.

If you are having difficulty attending classes then you have an option to study online, which means completing the same qualification as an on-campus but without attending physical classes. You can get learning materials through the internet, there are online forums where coursework can be discussed with teachers and other students. Online studying is feasible for those who choose where and when you study, giving them flexibility to work around their other own time or commitments such as work or family, at a pace that suits them.

Credit Transfer

If you are thinking of getting your credit transferred then you will require a release letter from your recent institute, before applying to another institute. But then again, the release letter is required when you have not completed 6 months of your course & you are still enrolled in a preliminary course. If you have completed 6 months of your course then you won’t be needing a release letter, you can transfer without it.

If by any case, you were able to finish just one session of your course & you were not able to satisfy the six-month requirement then you will require a release letter to transfer to another institution.

In any university worldwide, credits reflect the number of hours per week you study a certain subject. Each university decides how many subjects students are allowed to choose for each semester. You have to be sure that your qualification is recognized and your credits can be transferred. In order to have your problems resolved and doubts cleared about credit transfers, contact us today for more details.

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